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The brand “Lamart by Piere Lamart” represents a wide range of modern, affordable cookware and utensils for joyful cooking, which brings into your kitchen lightness, quality and refinement thanks to its quality manufacturing and modern design inspired by the late French chef Piere Lamart’s philosophy of playful cooking.

img1.pngFrance is renowned for its gastronomyPiere Lamart

France is renowned for its gastronomy. Countless Michelin awarded cafes and bars, where the culinary elite has honed its skills, can be found here.

In the centre of one of the famous regions of Bretagne, on the fertile coast of the Atlantic Ocean, you can find a little family restaurant, where the chef Piere Lamart used to work. This warm and jolly Frenchman was the heart and soul of his brasserie. People in the neighbourhood could not imagine him without his stripy apron, which he used to wear over his chef jacket every day.

His secret lied in his hospitality, in the way he treated his customers and in the joy apparent in everything he did.

The line of cookware “Lamart by Piere Lamart” has been inspired by the experience, expertise and playful approach to cooking of this unique chef.


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