Juicy beef steak, raw in the middle, but full of juice, that is a dream of all epicurean. Our goal is to guide you from purchase of suitable cookware or utensils up to perfectly prepared modern meal.

Pork fillets

Pork fillets

200 g of Pork fillet
1 Corn cob
10 g of Cauliflower
2 Slices of dried ham
1 Spring onion
60 g of Blue cheese
Virgin olive oil


Grill 2 cm thick pork fillets on olive oil for 2 minutes on each side. Then place the ham on the pan and the meat on top of it, slice the blue cheese into slices and place on the pork fillets and place in a preheated oven (200 °C) for about 4 minutes. Pour water into the pot and add the lime (press out first), thyme and a little olive oil. Place the cauliflower, corn and spring onion into the steam bowl for about 8 minutes, salt everything only at the very end.