Juicy beef steak, raw in the middle, but full of juice, that is a dream of all epicurean. Our goal is to guide you from purchase of suitable cookware or utensils up to perfectly prepared modern meal.



360g of Salmon
1 Lime
200g of Leaf spinach
Virgin olive oil
Cherry tomatoes


Pour water into the pot and add the lime (press out first), thyme and a little olive oil. Place the salmon into the glass steam bowl, next to it the leaf spinach and the potato (pre-cooked in skin), salt, mix the spinach and sprinkle with olive oil. When the water starts to boil, place the steam bowl on the pot and cover with the lid, occasionally mix the spinach, allow it to cook for 5-7 minutes. Put olive oil on the pan and fry the cherry tomatoes, as soon as they pop they are finished.