KIMS | LT10095-piece Cookware Set

Capacity1l / 2l / 2,5l
Diameter16cm / 18cm / 20cm
Dimensions16x16x7,5cm / 18x18x8,5cm / 20x20x9,5cm
Materialstainless steel
Colourstainless steel
Made from first-class stainless steel.
Designer stainless steel cookware made from first-class stainless steel includes a solid sandwich base with a very elegant removable handle for improved storage.
Included are stainless steel lids that match the pot sizes.
Suitable for all types of stoves.
Easy maintenance and cleaning.

Lamart Cookware
3 Years GuaranteeGasGlass ceramicInductionCeramic non-stick surfaceDishwasher safe

Cookware Series | KIMS