ECO LT9029


Capacity550 ml
Diameter7 cm
Dimensionsø7cm; height 26cm
Materialglass / neoprene
  • 550ml glass drink bottle with a neoprene jacket.
  • Suitable for cold and hot drinks.
  • The neoprene jacket will protect your hands from being burnt by hot drink, maintaining a constant drink temperature inside and providing a better and firmer grip.
  • Be careful when handling the hot bottle without the neoprene jacket, as this might lead to burning.
  • In the event of glass damage, do not use the product.
  • The product may be put in a dishwasher only without the neoprene jacket.
  • Notice: Filling with carbonated drink may create pressure inside the bottle that may cause injury if the cap is unscrewed carelessly.
  • When filling with hot drink, take care to avoid burning while opening.

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