JUST | LT7070Kitchen stainless steel scales with LCD display and bowl

Dimensions21,5 × 21,5 × 13 cm
Kitchen scales are made of high quality stainless steel and include a removable bowl with a capacity of 2,000 ml.
You can see the measurement result on the backlit LCD display.
Thanks to the TARE function, you can reweigh ingredients or subtract the weight of the container from the full weight.
Scales allow you to weigh not only in grams and pounds, but also in millilitres and ounces with the milk and water programme.
Weighing range up to 5 kg (accuracy 1 g).
Weak battery and overload indicator.
Unit selection option (g/ml/lb/fl:oz).
Battery: 2× 1.5V AAA battery, not included

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