POELE | LT1219Saucepan Ø 24 cm

Material aluminium
Diameter 24 cm
Dimension 11×24×24 cm
Capacity 4,3 l
Colour beige
Height 11 cm
Width 24 cm
Depth 24 cm
"Made from highly durable aluminium.
The pot is equipped with inadhesive surface resistant against scratching and burning, thick bottom and handles with a silicone protection.
The inadhesive material free of PFOA (no toxic substances evaporate in case of overheating) is resistant against high temperatures and prevents burning, which means healthy cooking.
The lid from resistant glass with a steam hole and silicone edge provides perfect cooking control.
Easy maintenance and cleaning.

Lamart Cookware
3 Years GuaranteeGasGlass ceramicInductionCeramic non-stick surfaceDishwasher safe

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